• Annisha Anggrie Yani Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing LIA
  • Soraya Soraya STBA LIA
Keywords: cohesion, grammatical cohesive devices, argumentative essay


The research analyzes grammatical cohesion in EFL learners' argumentative essay writing. The data are from essay writings conducted by second-year students of STBA LIA Jakarta. The study found that there are 2.186 grammatical cohesive devices from 17 argumentative essays. The results show that not all grammatical cohesive devices are used in their writing. This research uses qualitative methods and employs the conceptual framework of cohesion by Halliday and Hasan (1976). It includes using possessive pronouns as a reference, verbal Substitution, verbal Ellipsis, and clausal Ellipsis. Furthermore, there are also 14 misuses of Reference. There are misuses and some grammatical cohesive devices. Therefore, it can be concluded that the learners use grammatical cohesive devices frequently in their argumentative essays but there are problems with the reference and the variety.

Keywords: cohesion, grammatical cohesive devices, argumentative essay.


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