• Suhada Fathul Mahdi
  • Sulistini Dwi Putranti STBA LIA
Keywords: idiomatic expressions, similar meaning and form, similar meaning but dissimilar form, parahrasing, omission, compensation


This research aimed to analyze the idiomatic expression translation strategies used by the translator in translating King Lear from English into Indonesian. The method used in this research is the qualitative method through descriptive analysis in analyzing the translation of the idiom using the strategy of translating idioms by Mona Baker (2018) to reach the goal of research. The result of the research showed that from 20 idioms found, the strategies of using similar meaning and form were the most used strategy by the translator with 9 occurrences. The other total strategies found in the text were paraphrasing with 3 data, similar meaning but dissimilar form with 3 data, omission of play idiom with 2 data, omissions of entire idiom also with 2 data, and compensation with 3 data. In total, there were 23 strategies of idiom translation found. In addition, it was also found that some idioms translation used 2 strategies in translating idiomatic expression. From 22 identified translation strategies in the text, the strategy of using similar meaning and form was found to be the most used strategy by translator in translating idioms into the target language.



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